About the humans behind Legends x Phenoms

Welcome to Legends X Phenoms! We are a small shop based out of Georgia that started on Instagram to bring you creative, funny and witty tees for your tiny humans. Since our grand opening last year Sept 1st, 2015, we have branched into kid's denim and absolutely have fell in love with every process and every relationship that we have gained on this journey. Now we branched out even further into tie dye bringing you tie dye leggings, tees, swaddles and more.

A lot of people ask us what our name means, Legends x Phenoms. The definition of a Legend is an extremely famous or notorious person. The definition of a Phenom is a person who is outstandingly talented or admired, an up-and-comer. Those definitions mean a lot to us. We believe our kid's are legends and phenoms and that they will do amazing things. We want you to believe the same! All your babes are legends and phenoms!


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